About Us


BoutikMundo is a Trusted online shopping store that seeks to revolutionize the way Ghana and African people buy. We do so by providing the customer the freedom to buy anything he wants, anywhere he wants and anytime he wants. We call this an agile shopping experience and it’s only provided by us.

Essentially, our customers will be able to enjoy the same products that Americans and other citizens of the west consume. The benefits of this type of commerce are innumerable. The customer can basically sit at the comfort of his home or office or anywhere he prefers, and buy anything he wants at anytime he wants. The ultimate benefit of this is that, the customer gets connected with some of the reputable retailers of the world, which means great quality and variety at great prices. The contemporary African buyer deserve no less!!

All of these benefits happen at the backdrop of incredible ease of doing business, complete transparency of the shopping transactions, and unparalleled customer service. With each simple click, you get more time, more savings and more happiness. Our application has been made to be so easy to seamlessly navigate; we also provide a crystal clear transparency on transactions from the time the customer adds products to his cart through when he receives his order items. And of course, our business thrives on the satisfaction of our customers. If you are not happy, please let us know and we promise we will do everything (we mean everything) within our power to urgently resolve your issue. But don’t just take our word for it; try us and experience this nouvelle way of commerce.

As a corporate body, we take our social responsibilities seriously. We believe in investing back in the communities that help us become successful. And so we have pledged 10% of our profits to increasing computer literacy among teenage Ghanaians.